mercredi 23 janvier 2013

SUPERPHENIX - France - 1972-1984

SUPERPHENIX - France - 1972 - 1984

Another podcast for french magazine Tsugi, this time focusing on the rich comet tail of a certain french production blending folk elements and electronic explorations at a time when fantasy, myths and the distant were still accurate. Most of this music was made by people with beards, in France between 72 and 84. Right before reality striked back during the so-called "years of lead"... Subjective and obviously non-exhaustive, yet careful selection.
SUPERPHENIX - France - 1972-1984
La Manivelle - Der Grosse Derdiedas
Portes d'Orient - Bonnes nouvelles de Simbad
Jean Cohen-Solal - Intime Panique
Areski - Le Dragon
Catharsis - Christophe
François Imbert et Françoise Moreau - Belle passagère
Urbanus - Quand les zosiaux chantent dans le bois
Sonorhc - Danse des chiens
Henry Skoff-Torgue - Le labyrinthe écarlate
Jacques Thollot - Watch devil go
Dominique Laurent - Draculabyrinthe
Pierre Raph - Requiem pour un Vampire
Bernard Parmegiani - Le nœud ardent ou septième contrainte / Bataille des dragons
Tazartes transports - Les cafards
Sylvio Gualda & Jean-Pierre Drouet - Robotic
Eric Framond - Haunted House
Albert Marcoeur - Live - Nancy 1976
La Manivelle -Dimanche à la campagne (extrait)
Riga Raga - Lo Fringaire

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